Is Gordon Biersch Opening a Restaurant in Livermore?

roundhouse grill

It is the talk of the town:

Is Gordon Biersch going into the old Roundhouse Grill (formerly Fire & Ice) space located on 1st Street?

I could only take hearing so many rumors before I did some investigating. I put in a call to the real estate director in Denver for GB.  The gentlemen on the other end of the line almost laughed when I asked him about the potential of a Livermore restaurant. He then reassured me there are absolutely no plans for Livermore or the surrounding area at this time.

So what is going here? My sources say nothing is signed but there is activity.  The most recent rumors buzzing in the streets include a pizza spot, a night club, Redcoats from Pleasanton, and even a former Gordon Biersch brewer starting a new venture. Who ever does get the spot will inherit very expensive tenant improvements and a lot of value. At 5,500± square feet, it is a big space and will need a big business model to succeed.

UPDATE: Sapphires, a night club has signed a lease.


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