Dublin City Council Meeting


When: Tuesday July 7th @ 7  p.m.

Where: Dublin City Council Chambers, 100 Civic Plaza


Last month the Council members and the Planning Commission met to discuss the new general plan for downtown Dublin. This week the Council will continue to address the needs of businesses and residents. According to the posted agenda, details are as follows:

“At the request of the City Council, the Planning Division has identified several alternatives to streamline the entitlement process for development applications and to promote businesses in Dublin. These alternatives include permanent modifications to the Site Development Review Chapter (Chapter 8.104) regarding the level of review required for projects, and temporary modifications to the Sign Regulations (Chapter 8.84) to facilitate the use of banner signs and balloon signs and Permit Procedures (Chapter 8.96) to extend the effective period for permits. The City Council will also consider adopting a $500 fee for Site Development Review of all residential additions and residential demolition and construction where Site Development Review is required pursuant to Chapter 8.104, Site Development Review, of the Dublin Zoning Ordinance.”


For more info visit the City of Dublin website


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