Pleasanton Planning Commission Meeting

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When: Wednesday July 8th @ 7 p.m.

Where: City Council Chambers, 200 Old Bernal Ave.


Most of the items on this sessions agenda are related to residential sector. The only item related to commercial use will be the review of Planning Policy as it relates to child care uses and licensing.

Items not on the agenda this session but marked for future meetings include the conditional use permit for Ranch 99, a Chinese supermarket chain looking to fill the old Levitz space in Rose Pavilion. San Jose Arena Development is looking to move forward with their Staples Ranch project (Southwest of I-580 and El Charro Road intersection). The developer is looking for approval of the development plan to include the construction of a community park and a 141,679± square foot ice skating facility on 17 acres. The community park is part of a larger project with ambitions to be home to an auto mall, senior care facility, and commercial center.


One thought on “Pleasanton Planning Commission Meeting

  1. […] Update: Pleasanton Planning Commission Meeting 2009 July 9 tags: News, Community Related, Pleasanton, City Government, Child Care by thestorefront I have been informed the City of Pleasanton will honor renewals of business licenses related to child care uses, but at this time will not be granting any new licenses or changes to current licenses. They are accepting the applications but will not be processing until further notice. Stay tuned for more info. Check here for the Related Post […]

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