PW Market in Livermore Going Away?

Every time I think of PW Market I hear that jingle from KKIQ “Joey Franco’s PW Market…”

Located on North Vasco Road, PW is known for selling hard to find and specialty foods. PW does own their retail building and yes, PW is officially closed.

Have no fear, another grocer is in negotiations for the space and I don’t think we will see that spot sit empty for too long. Everyone involved in the deal is being very hush-hush so no word yet on who the grocer will be. Rumors include a grocer from Southern California and an out of state grocer.

There are a couple different tenants in the market that are aggressively taking down space including Fresh & Easy, Ranch 99, Sprouts Farmers Market, Henry’s Farmer Market, Smart & Final, and Grocery Outlet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a large grocer such as Safeway or Ralph’s make a go at it either.


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