Banks Are On the Move In Livermore

You may have noticed a new “For Lease” sign up at 1986 2nd Street, the Valley Community Bank building (it is actually on the corner of 2nd and S. L Street). No word on where or if they will be relocating.

Size: 3,200± square feet

Asking Price: $1.95, Gross per square foot, per month

Tri-Valley Bank is relocating from its current location behind the Vine Theatre (pictured bottom left) to the unoccupied space in Livermore Valley Plaza (pictured bottom right). Next to Simply Fondue on First Street,  Tri-Valley Bank should be operational in the spot by summer time. This leaves 3,000± square feet available at the Vine Complex in addition to the former title company space of 3,300± square feet.


One thought on “Banks Are On the Move In Livermore

  1. I just found your blog and find your posts interesting and informative as I work locally on commercial real estate projects.
    It also seems as if the other retail spaces that will becoming available are those previously used by Blockbuster. I have seen several local stores identified as closing. I wonder what retailer will use this as an advantage to lease these generally well located, bright and open stores to reach their target market?

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