Dublin Finds New Tenants to Fill Vacancy

After being plagued by big box vacancy over the past few years, Dublin finally see’s some relief in the near future. Grocery Outlet will be the newest addition, taking over the space formerly occupied by Anderson T.V. in the Target shopping center.

Rumor has it that Sprout’s Farmers Market is looking to ink a deal in the former Circuit City space (pictured below)on Amador Plaza Road. Sprout’s, a grocery store aimed at  garden fresh produce from local farmers has been expanding along the West Coast – current locations include Sunnyvale and Sacramento.

Jo-Ann Fabrics will be relocating from its current location on Regional Road to the empty space that The Floor Store left behind (above).

Target is looking to expand and include grocery. I haven’t clarified if they will be expanding within the space they currently occupy or will be looking to take over addition space.

Rumor has it that the Home Site deal teed up for the former Good Guy’s space has fallen apart.


2 thoughts on “Dublin Finds New Tenants to Fill Vacancy

    1. Good to know, I haven’t been into the Target store recently. The sudden increase in grocery tenants has spurred the City Council to redefine grocery vs. convenience vs. markets.

      Thanks Rick for info!

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