The Rock House Sports Pub in Livermore Closes

If you have driven down Portola Ave. lately you might have noticed The Rock House Sports Pub & Grill has been dark for a week or so. The Livermore staple has been closed since the beginning of December. Why you may ask?  The owners of the business closed the doors unexpectedly and without warning, they have pretty much abandoned the space from what my source says. So what is going to happen and when will it re-open?

The building owner is looking to release the space, potentially with some (if not all) of the existing equipment included. Of course, depending on what the building owner and the former tenant negotiate, that could change. No the less, the building owner is looking for another tenant to lease the space and operate a sports bar, with the same name… after all… it is The Rock House.

Read more about the long history of The Rock House

Size: 5,000 square foot restaurant and bar (not including basement or two outdoor patios)

Asking Rent:  $11,000 per month

Interested in leasing this restaurant and sports bar space? Contact me for more info or 925.737.4168


One thought on “The Rock House Sports Pub in Livermore Closes

  1. the former owner’s wife was always rude to the employees and made me feel unwelcome… sad to see this place out of business, but hopeful for new, better, friendlier and appreciative owners, instead of making you feel rushed and have to pay right away…

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