Eddie Papa’s in Livermore Will Be Closing

According to an email released by Eddie Papa, he has sold the restaurant located at 2389 1st Street in Livermore. A check of the current liquor license status at the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control shows a pending license transfer to The Clay Oven Restaurant and Bar. My source says Eddie Papa’s will be shutting the doors for good by end of January and The Clay Oven will open the beginning of March.

The Clay Oven has been looking for space in the Livermore market for over two years. Back in the summer of 2009 when the Firehouse Bistro closed, Clay Oven attempted to lease the space. This will be the 9th restaurants in the Bay Area (most other locations are in San Francisco). Check out the India Clay Oven Website.

For those looking for restaurant space in downtown, don’t feel bad, this space was never actively on the market. Eddie Papa is subletting to The Clay Oven for the remainder of the original lease (just about 3 years). It is also noteworthy that this is 3rd change in ownership since the space was transformed into a restaurant back in late 2007. You might remember the short-lived Movida Lounge prior to Eddie Papa’s.


2 thoughts on “Eddie Papa’s in Livermore Will Be Closing

  1. Sad as that is a great space. Eddie Papa’s never really took advantage of it and they weren’t able to get their food and service together. Plus, it’s a family spot and families aren’t big fans of looking for parking.

  2. I agree, the space is great but the limited parking does detour people. Livermore is somewhat spoiled in the parking area. Other downtowns such as Pleasanton, you know parking is horrible and no matter where you go you will have to walk.

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