East Dublin Target Store to Open October 2011

If you have driven Westbound on I-580 you might have noticed earth moving machines and grading going on just before Dublin. Located on the West side of the Fallon Road overpass is the start of the Fallon Gateway Shopping Center. Back in October of 2010 Target purchased 10 acres of land within the  development which is slated to open the new store on October 6, 2011. The new store will be about 135,000 square feet and will include groceries and fresh food.

Fallon Gateway is currently marketing space for lease. There is a variety of Jr. Anchor* space, as well as, inline retail spaces. The asking rate is $3.75 per square foot, per month plus Triple Nets.

* An Anchor Tenant is categorized by being the largest retail store in a particular center. Most of the time this will be a grocery store or a big box tenant such as Target or Walmart. There will only be one Anchor in a particular center but it is not rare to see a variety of Junior Anchors, or secondary retailers, such as: Shoe Pavilion, Office Max, Ross Stores, Bed Bath & Beyond, or CVS.

The typical Junior Anchor is between 15,000 and 50,000 square feet.  An anchor tenant is 50,000 (small grocery store) to 250,000 square feet (the largest Ikea store and Walmart Supercenter’s) . The typical Walmart, Super Target, and Costco is about 150,000 square feet.


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