Livermore Charter School Receives Planning Commission Approval

Tri-Valley Learning Corporation continues to move forward with the charter school planned for the Montevina Business Park. The newly developed office park is located on North Canyons Parkway and Constitution Drive, near Costco and Airway Boulevard. They received the green light from Livermore Planning Commission on February 2nd.

The immediate plan is to move the K-8 program, along with the preschool/childcare to the existing 16 buildings. In total the buildings are about 100,000 square feet and spread over 11 acres. Future plans include the addition of an 80,000 square foot building within the near vicinity for a high school program. Additionally, a 13 acre parcel between the campus and future high school with be turned into a 500-seat performing arts theater, sports fields, and recreational buildings. The estimated cost of the campus once all the phases are complete is $50 million. The expected completion date is about 18 months out.


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