Downtown Zoning in Livermore – Allowed businesses

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about what is allowed in downtown Livermore.  Nail salons, hair salons, photographers, day spas, shoe repair, and full service salons are all considered personal service. Personal service is not an allowed use along First Street on the ground floor in the core of downtown.

A business that falls into the “personal service” category can, however, go to spaces along second street and some of the outlying downtown streets. If you really want the 1st Street address, personal service is an allowed use on the second/third floors.

If you are considering a location, it is always a GREAT idea to make a trip to the Livermore Planning Department and have a planner approve the address for your business prior to signing any lease.

There are great locations available in downtown Livermore that do not have a sign. Call me for more info!

Jessica Stewart



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