Truly Unique Downtown Office Space in the Tri-Valley

Bland, boring, and unidentifiable is the norm is this suburbia. Lofty, well located, and unique are three words we don’t use very much when talking of Tri-Valley office space – and those are just the words used to describe the following three properties.

Danville – 345 Hartz Avenue

At 1,785 square feet this property is very well located at E. Prospect and Diablo Road. The brick loft style second floor space has 4 offices, a conference room, a reception area, and an ADA restroom with shower.

Asking Rate: $2.50 per square foot plus $.40 Triple nets




Pleasanton – 349 Main Street

(pictured left below)

Not yet on the market, this 2,000-ish square foot space is located above Tully’s on the corner of Main and Angela Streets. This is newest and most desirable building in town. The second floor space offers a view of downtown and all the amenities of downtown Pleasanton all within a few steps. I would imagine the asking rate will also be at around the $2.50 per square foot range.




 Livermore – 1987 First Street

You might be thinking, “Livermore? Really?” but yes! There is one space that screams unique and lofty to me and that is the second floor space on the corner of First and S. L streets (see picture left).

 The space has large windows looking out three sides of the building with high ceilings, potentially 11 feet or so. The east Livermore hills, a clear view of downtown, and even the mountains of Mt. Hamilton and surrounding can be seen from the space. Currently in shell condition and at just under 1,500 square feet it is a great use. Not to mention the potential building signage, on-site parking, and newly constructed building all give this space a high rating.

Asking Rate: $2.00 per square foot, Gross


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