Development Update – Pleasanton Gateway (Safeway on Bernal Avenue)

The new Safeway anchored retail center on Bernal Road is well underway. The project will boast a “lifestyle” Safeway to include a larger meat, seafood, bakery, and wine departments. There will be a large focus on organic products, these offerings are aimed to compete with Whole Foods. It will be a bit larger than the Santa Rita location which will remain open. The Livermore Safeway at Arroyo Plaza is one of the busiest locations with over a million dollars per week in sales; its safe to say the new location in Pleasanton will rival those numbers.

In addition to the new Safeway, a variety of tenants have also signed leases. Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Walgreens, Panda Express, Chipotle, and Great Clips will all have retail storefronts in the center. The new center is fetching rents in the $4 per square foot range, a stagering number that has only been seen in the Shops at Bishop Ranch.

Safeway expects to be open by Thanksgiving.


6 thoughts on “Development Update – Pleasanton Gateway (Safeway on Bernal Avenue)

    1. No, Chipotle did not sign a lease after all. Baja Fresh will be amongst the first group of tenants to open in the pad sites.

      1. Argh, the last thing Pleasanton needs is yet another Baja Fresh and Panda Express! Why can’t we get a Chipotle or one of the new Chick-Fil-As?

  1. Chipotle is vary particular about where they open locations. From what I understand, Chipotle feels they would be cannibalizing their Dublin location if they opened at Pleasanton Gateway. The rumor is that Panera Bread feels the same way about a Pleasanton location.

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