Pleasanton’s TGI Fridays On its Way Out

After years and years of calling Rose Pavilion home, TGI Friday’s will be moving out of its location at 3999 Santa Rita Road. Even juicier, you won’t believe the new suitor! Nope, not a new restaurant. Much more boring. Not sure I am allowed to spill the beans yet but take my word for it, not worth getting to excited about. Any guesses? Here is a hint for you:

Despite being the biggest in the Nation they can’t seem to shake the blue…

Rose Pavilion has had a pretty good run at leasing over the past couple years. New tenants in the center include 99 Ranch, Fresh & Easy, the expansion of Express Fitness, Panda Express, and most recently Auto Zone and Sport Clips. The center is an astounding 94% occupied which, for this market is great. Rose Pavilion has completed about 100,000 square feet of new deals in past 24 months. That’s HUGE!


2 thoughts on “Pleasanton’s TGI Fridays On its Way Out

  1. TGI Friday employees say there was a lease problem but it has been taken care of. They say it was a rumor that they are leaving but they are not.

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