Livermore 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Opening Update

The planned 24-Hour Fitness Super Sport on Kitty Hawk Road is soon to be under construction. The expected opening date is September of this year. The gym will include a large basketball court, a couple racquet ball courts, indoor lap pool, outdoor family pool, kids splash pool, spa, and of course the traditional cardio and free weight areas.


7 thoughts on “Livermore 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Opening Update

    1. Will it have a Sauna?. I have a health problem and staying in sauna for half an hour help
      my health.

      I usually only use Track Machine for running and use Sauna for health reason.

      The current 24 hour fitness in Livermore doesn’t have sauna so that I have to drive far
      to Pleasanton, CA.

      Thanks in advance for the information!

      1. I’m sure it will have a sauna just like the SuperSports in Pleasanton. & I also heard this new Livermore SuperSports will be one of the nicest one around :)! Can’t wait ’til it opens up :)!

  1. In my opinion (and I had been told too), the 24 hour fitness in “1610 Crane Court San Jose, CA”, is the best in the whole San Francisco bay area. However, I doubt that this one is going to be like that one. Otherwise, people from Tracy, Lathrop and Manteca may also
    come to this Livermore SuperSports center too (Some are working here; some may come over the weekend. I believe that people from all over the places in south bay went to that one. Some people may also visit Bay 101.)

    Livermore SupeSports new location is also a good location. It is close to Costco, all big hotels, Pleasanton east, Dublin east, Paragon Outlets new to be opened soon shopping center plus Casino 580).

    I can’t imagine that this may happen!

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