Danville Restaurant Space Available


I am going to test the memory of those who are long time Danville residents. Do you remember a place called Pizza Machine? I have zero first hand knowledge of this restaurant but I am told it was amazing. Pizza Machine then become Pasta Gondola, which has now become a vacant space.

The vacant former restaurant space is located at 664 San Ramon Valley Blvd, directly next door to Lucky’s grocery store. It is large, 3,900 square feet and has not had much updating since it was Pizza Machine. The hood and equipment has been removed but the venting, walk-in cooler/freezer, and all important sewer fees are paid.

Riddle me this: What happened to all the pizza in Danville? Round Table is closed, obviously there is no Pizza Machine. Why can’t we get a down home, old school pizza parlor in Danville? You know, the kind that has all the video games for the kids, pitchers of beer, perhaps a salad bar, and a couple big tables for groups. Have we become to sophisticated for this concept?

If you are looking for more information on this space, or other second generation restaurant spaces in the Tri-Valley contact me: Jessica Stewart 925.737.4168 or jstewart@lee-associates.com

To read the story on Pasta Gondolas exit, Click Here for the Danville Patch article.

* Credit to Danville Patch for the picture


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