Watch out Disneyland! Central Valley Proposed a Park Four Times Larger

Our Central Valley neighbor, Tracy has some big plans in the works. According to news reports, a developer based in Los Gatos has negotiated an exclusive right to 628 acre piece of land on Tracy Boulevard, near the former Holly Sugar plant. Spirit of California, the name of the theme park, would be four times the size of Disneyland and include: amusement park, race track, casino, hotel, wine-tasting, convention center, delta marina and more. I picture a mix of Six Flags, Marine World, Disneyland, California Adventure, and Infineon Raceway. According to the developer, financial backing is in place and once surveys are complete construction could begin by 2014. The project is estimated to open 2024.
Disneyland brings an estimated $4.7 billion to the surrounding communities. Could you imagine what a destination of this magnitude could bring to the struggling central valley communities?

That said, there are a number of groups not happy with this plan, including the Sierra Club. Traffic mitigation and environmental issues will most likely kill the project before it gets started. The developer has until September 20th to meet City requirements at which time the exclusive negotiation right expires.
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