McGrail Winery Grows Its Livermore Empire

I know this isn’t necessarily related to commercial real estate or downtown storefronts but it is news around Livermore. One of my favorite wineries, Picazo has been purchased by another local vintner, McGrail. If you haven’t tried a bottle of the scrumptious Picazo wines, you are missing out. My favorites are the lush Sauvignon Blanc and an ultra smooth yet complex Merlot that drinks like a cab … Is it happy hour yet? Picazo is only available via allocation but you can find them at local restaurants such as Campo Di Bocce.

McGrail is known for extraordinary Cabernet and a widening selection of whites including a stellar Chardonnay. Both wineries have a common denominator, Mark Clarin the master of wine making in the Livermore Valley. A press release on McGrail’s website indicates the Picazo label will be more readily available in the future and the brand intends to continue the legacy of ultra-premium vintages. Cheers to that!


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