Chipotle and Panera Bread Coming Soon to Livermore

It is almost celebration time for the residents of Livermore. Panera Bread and Chipotle are one step closer to opening in Livermore. Both restaurants have been circling on the former Chevy’s Fresh Mex location at 4685 1st Street where they plan to demise the building to accommodate both restaurants. The major problem with the building, for any restaurant, is the awkward access in and out of the center. The lack of curb cuts make this center impossible to enter if you are coming from I-580. Rumor has it, the City has given the green-light for a new curb cut and entrance from South Front Road, allowing for easy vehicle access into the strip center. This was supposed to be one of the final hurdles in the transaction.

Additionally, the large box at 4650 1st Street, formerly occupied by Prestige Furniture, just behind Chevy’s has also been leased. The 25,000 square foot box has been vacant for over a year but finally, a suitor has been found. Jo-Ann’s Fabrics will be relocating from the Chestnut Street location. Look for Jo-Ann’s to open in May.


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