What Should Go Here?

Johnson Drive

Do you know this area? Stoneridge Road and I-680 is the former campus of Clorox. This is within a mile of the 580/680 interchange and east of Stoneridge Mall. Johnson Drive has a variety of businesses including FedEx, Club Sport, Black Tie Limo’s, Patio World, and hodge-podge of others. If you follow the street along the 580 street front you will find Home Depot, In-N-Out, BevMo, and Smart & Final.

The outlined areas in red used to belong to Clorox who has recently sold the parcels to a local developer. This local developer has a bit of everything in their portfolio, retail, office, medical, and industrial. I would like to think of them as having no limits on what they can build.

My question to you is this: What should go here?

It is already made clear the current use an office complex will not be the future and there is quite a bit of speculation of who might be interested in the location. Big box names like Costco have been in the rumor mill, along with a host of other retailers. Would residential condo’s or apartments work here? The residential concept seemed to work just across the freeway. Or is another medical center needed? You tell me, what would you support, or perhaps not support, at this location?


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