Yogurt, a failing fad?

Yet another yogurt establishment has gone out of business. Yogafina in Danville near Blackhawk is the latest to fall.  Located at 11000 Crow Canyon Road next to Baja Fresh on the corner of Camino Tassajara and Crow Canyon Road, the yogurt shop has shut its doors and removed all the interior finishes. Other tenants in the center include Starbucks and Pet Food Express.

Back in 2009 we saw a huge influx of yogurt shop openings. The growth rate of new establishments have since slowed and we have even seen a number of closures. Some of the non-starters include Viva Yogurt and TCBY both in Pleasanton, Top This! and Tutti Frutti in San Ramon, and Yogurtopia near Lundardi’s in Danville.

No word as to what will backfill the Yogafina space. If you are interested in leasing the space and want more specifics give me a call and I would be happy to discuss!

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