Buffalo Wild Wings Moves Into Downtown Livermore

Watch out Livermore, we have another new restaurant to add to the scene! Buffalo Wild Wings has taken a big chunk of space near the Vine Theater at 1780 First Street. The new location is not on the main pedestrian traffic, but close enough to downtown hot spots that it is still walkable.

Buffalo Wild Wings has established locations in both Dublin and San Ramon. Known for their wings and sports bar the large restaurant will be 7,320 square feet – bigger than Dublin but smaller than the San Ramon location.

Other businesses in the complex include Zephyr Grill, Casbah Cafe, Vine Movie Theater, and Edward Jones. Prudential Real Estate Company was located in the center but relocated to 2nd and L Street, the former J Rockcliff Realtor space within the past few weeks.

Does this location help expand the downtown core? What effect, if any, do you think it will do for pedestrian traffic on this side of First Street? What do you think of Buffalo Wild Wings joining the downtown line-up? Sound off in the comments section below!

Vine Cinema1790 first street

9 thoughts on “Buffalo Wild Wings Moves Into Downtown Livermore

  1. The Vine theater area is an isolated island. It’s more of a destination although it seems to be thriving regardless. It’s certainly walkable but I think when casual strollers hit the junky gas station and the abandoned car dealership they figure it’s time to make a U turn. This would be a good place to put a sign advertising “Downtown West” just a couple of blocks further down.

  2. My only experience with Buffalo Wild Wings was merely walking into the Dublin location. We were curious why there were so many cars there since I thought it was like a small fast-food type of place. But Jeez!! The place was huge and a rotating mess!!

    I know how it can get towards the end of a busy night in a big chain restaurant; I ran several in my illustrious (!) food service career. But this one was outta hand….dirty tables everywhere, food flung hither and yon by the ankle-biters, and an obviously youthful but burned-out staff just hoping it would all end soon. Been there, done that. Too much deep-fried everything being noisily consumed by sports fans enjoying some brewskis while watching stick-and-ball games on too many screens.

    Sure, we are old farts but we do enjoy raucous evenings at the Alehouse and Sauced, to name just two of our Downtown haunts. I am not diametrically opposed to chains but these guys will not bring anything to Livermore that we don’t already have and are able to reasonably enjoy. Let Dublin handle the big mess, it is way more qualified to do so.

  3. Ate at the one in Antioch recently, thought it was a weird place and the food was yuck. So not excited. So many other good restaurants I’d like to see come to Livermore.

  4. I’ve been watching this place being built. Now that it’s open, I looked online at their menu. My reaction is: why would I want to eat there? From a standpoint of healthy food, it seems quite a bit worse than McD. What do I think of this “restaurant” joining the downtown lineup? Um, Livermore, can’t we do better than this?

    Closing thought: Livermore badly needs something like a “Sweet Tomatoes.” Wish I had the resources to open one — I think such a place would make a killing, and be a true asset to out smallish city.

    1. Judging from the Dublin location it was a madhouse. We arrived after”rush” time and the young employees were definitely laying back, catching their collective breath. And. Not really paying attention to the next dreaded patron. The dining area was a total mess, with unbussed table, huge piles of discards around high chairs, blaring screens galore with every imaginable sporting event ….. you get the scene. We checked the menu and decided to pass. We may check out the Livermore location; supposedly they have salads. Hopefully a midday. Arrival will insure a less hectic atmosphere. Question: where are all the added parking spaces?

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