Sprouts Farmers Market Opening San Ramon Location

As reported by San Ramon Patch over the weekend, Sprouts Farmers Market will be taking a portion of the Lucky’s grocery store on Crow Canyon Road. Lucky will be closing their doors for good on September 28th after a 30 plus year tenure at the location.

As previously mentioned here on the Storefront, Crow Canyon Commons has plans for a facelift and cosmetic changes to the center. In addition they have rounded up a slew of new tenants in recent years such as Panera Breads, The Habit, and most recently Panda Express.

The Tri-Valley has been no stranger to emerging grocery stores in the past few years. Grocery was a huge trend during the market downturn but has tapered off since rents have risen and the market became more saturated. New grocers include New Leaf in Pleasanton and of course Wal-Mart Grocery. Prior to this we saw the expansion of Grocery Outlet in Dublin and the first Sprouts location in Dublin. Add to that the multiple Fresh and Easy Locations that popped up around 2010/2011 and that is a lot of grocery diversity in the past few years. Rumor has it one more Wal-Mart Grocery is in the works for the Tri-Valley.

What are your thoughts on the new addition and closure of Lucky? Do you think the small scale grocers (i.e. Trader Joes, Fresh and Easy, Sprouts, ect.) have put a hurt on the traditional big box retailers such as Lucky and Safeway? Is trend for fresh, local, and more nutritionally sound food changing the way consumers shop? Finally, are big box grocery going to be a thing of the past or is the small scale grocer just a trend? Use our comment section below to tell us your thoughts.




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One thought on “Sprouts Farmers Market Opening San Ramon Location

  1. Sprouts is a wonderful store and I am thrilled that it is coming to San Ramon. The problem is I live near downtown Danville so it is a bit far to use on a regular basis. Nob Hill/Raley’s is very nice but the same problem, too far to go.

    Lunardi’s is nice, TJ’s is my go-to, but the Danville Lucky’s is the pits. It is olld, feels dirty, they never have anything beyond the basics so I pretty much avoid it whenever possible. Do NOT like Fresh and Easy at all. Hate their check-out procedure.

    We need a nice shiny new store in Danville, preferably in the Lucky’s location. If they aren’t willing to upgrade to the quality of the other markets, they should just give it up and let someone else have their space.

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