Moraga Barn Bar Building For Sale

You might be curious why the Moraga Barn is the feature of the blog today, but I promise to keep this short and interesting. Located at 925 Country Club Drive, this adorable building has been in use since 1933 as a bar (built in 1913) which I can only surmise as a local institution. Back in 2008 the building under went a complete renovation and was completed as LEED Platinum. This historic property has been outfitted with solar roof tiles, radiant in floor heating, and underground water receptacles to collect rain water making it a lean and green power machine. There are very few buildings in the East Bay that meet LEED Platinum standards and even more impressive that a historic building has been transformed to this certification while retaining its charm.

New buildings and those that undergo major renovations on a whole do incorporate LEED energy efficiencies and this is a trend that will continue. LEED designations once thought of as hip thing ten years back has become a necessity with climate change becoming a hot button issue, especially in Washington D.C..But I digress…

The Moraga Bar is a great piece of real estate with historic charm and new world efficiencies. Having operated previously as a restaurant and bar, obtaining the permitting for a restaurant should be a viable option. At 3,325 square feet spread over two levels and a mezzanine, this is the perfect size for any small business. Given this info, I would rate this piece of property in my top five properties to open a restaurant in the Tri and Diablo Valley. Offered at $1,795,000 ($540 per square foot).

Curious of other properties on my top restaurant location list? Contact me via email or 925.737.4168


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