Sunset Office Plaza, Another Heated Livermore Debate

Livermore has once again found itself in a very divided and passionate conversation. The topic this time around? Redevelopment of a 40-year-old office/medical plaza. Nevermind the fact that most cities across the nation would pay people to buy homes and rent commercial space. Our isolated corner of the country is one of the first and… Read More Sunset Office Plaza, Another Heated Livermore Debate

Tri-Valley Retail Report: 2012 Review

“2012 was reminiscent of a middle school dance; patches of activity mingled with awkward progression.” All joking aside, 2012 was an interesting time for retail commercial real estate in the Tri-Valley. Each City remained on trend with the previous year. Danville saw the largest decrease in vacancy due in part to the backfill of the former… Read More Tri-Valley Retail Report: 2012 Review

McGrail Winery Grows Its Livermore Empire

I know this isn’t necessarily related to commercial real estate or downtown storefronts but it is news around Livermore. One of my favorite wineries, Picazo has been purchased by another local vintner, McGrail. If you haven’t tried a bottle of the scrumptious Picazo wines, you are missing out. My favorites are the lush Sauvignon Blanc and an ultra smooth yet complex Merlot that drinks like a cab … Is it… Read More McGrail Winery Grows Its Livermore Empire